Avanafil 100 mg tablet is used for curing impotency and related sexual issues like erectile dysfunction in male clients. The 100 mg dosage of this medication is used to treat problems linked to erection ranging from complete dysfunction to mild or severe sexual performance failure. Avanafil 100 mg acts as an inhibitor which improves the flow of blood to the penis, enabling the user to maintain an erection for a long duration in comparison to the erection time without using this medicine. Generally, Avanafil is available in 100mg or 200 mg dosage form. However, 100 mg tablet is most commonly used and is also popular worldwide. The results of taking this medicine may vary from user to user depending on their body composition. It is always advised to take precautions like using condoms even while using this tablet because a user may transmit sexual disease unknowingly.


Most usual side effects which may surface with the usage of Avanafil 100 mg tablet are erection for longer duration than expected, headache, dizziness, sounds or ringing in the ear and also loss of vision in rare cases. If any of these side effects becomes severe in nature, please seek medication for the treatment of the side effect by getting a prescription from a certified doctor.


If an overdose of Avanafil occurs, for example more than 200 mg of this medication within 24 hours, then some adverse results may be seen. If a patient cannot be awakened or is having breathing issues, please get in touch with a doctor and also call 911 to avoid any emergency medical situation from surfacing.


The consumption of grapefruit in any form is hazardous for the user of Avanafil 100 mg tablet. Also, it will be wise for the patient to disclose any other prior medication history to the doctor so that the results of using Avanafil 100 mg are seen as expected.


Various clinical trials and popularity of this medication worldwide has proven the effectiveness of this tablet time and again. If any person thinks otherwise, it will be better to consult a physician to make sure that the dosage of this medicine is adjusted according to their need and body composition.


Avanafil must be kept out of reach of children at all times. The tablet can be stored at room temperature where heat or moisture is not present.


This blog is designed to provide some useful information about Avanafil 100 mg tablet. However, we always advise the patient to get a prescription for this medicine from their doctor on the basis of their respective health condition and results they wish to get from its usage. Avanafil must not be used by women, children or any individual below 18 years of age. By far, this is the best medication for adult males fighting erectile dysfunction.