Fincar and Finpecia are both big brand names for medication called Finasteride which is commonly used for hair loss treatment in male patients. The functionality of these medicines can be described as a chemical reaction that alters the release and action of a particular hormone in the human body which is primarily responsible for hair loss. It is therefore very critical that users pay attention to the dosage of this tablet to ensure desired results. In this blog, we are going to point out some basic features and differences between these tablets to let you decide which one is the best choice for your body type.


Both of these branded tablets are manufactured and marketed by Indian companies. Namely, Fincar is manufactured by Cipla Limited and Finpecia is manufactured by Dr Reddy’s Laboratories in India. Apart from different manufacturers, the other difference lies in the dosage and result of consuming that dosage on the user’s body.

It should also be noted that some big drug store chains and health practitioners are advising their patients and customers to use Fincar 5mg for better results in hair loss treatment. This is completely wrong and patient discretion is advised. Please use medicines as prescribed by a certified doctor in the prescribed dosage only.


Fincar 5mg contains a relatively high dosage of its main active ingredient called Finasteride (5mg) as compared to Finpecia 1mg which contains only 1mg of Finasteride as its main active ingredient. For the treatment of male pattern hair loss, the recommended dose of Finasteride is 1 mg only.

However, 5mg of Finasteride is designed to cure enlarged prostate glands in male patients. It will not be completely wrong to say that a 5mg dose of Finasteride is not recommended for hair loss treatment in any case. Also, a higher dosage of Finasteride in Fincar 5mg tablet may cause some severe side effects to surface. Sexual dysfunction is the most common example of such side effects. It is needless to say that a lower dose of Finasteride in Finpecia 1mg causes less or no side effects.


It is now clear that Finpecia 1mg is a better choice as compared to Fincar 5mg for the treatment of hair loss in male patients. This choice is clearly based on the fact that Finpecia 1mg is more effective and has a recommended dose of finasteride which results in less or no side effects if compared to a higher dose of finasteride like in Fincar 5mg.

Just to reiterate, please use any of these medicines only as per the prescription obtained from a certified doctor to ensure that it is always beneficial for your health and is prescribed to you on the basis of your medical condition and body composition.



The problem of hair loss is gaining audience every day. This is based on the fact that pollution is making our water and food less effective to help us stay healthy. Moreover, use of chemical based shampoo, soaps and other cosmetic products exacerbate the problem of hair loss. Other factors like hereditary issues and food habits also contribute to hair loss. In this blog, we are going to discuss about the usefulness of two popular brands for hair loss treatment. We will make sure that you are able to take the right decision on the treatment of your hair after reading this blog.


Before we discuss the specifications of Fincar 5mg and Finpecia 1mg medicine, it is important to learn about other options available today for hair loss treatment. These different types of treatments aimat various aspects of hair loss problem in men. These aspects are, increasing hair growth, restoration of hair and prevention of further loss of hair from the scalp. Tablets and other oral medication, laser treatment and hair transplant through surgical procedures are tools to aid the aspects mentioned above.


The brand name Finpecia 1 mg has gained popularity because it contains theappropriate dose of Finasteride which is requiredfor curing hair loss effectively. This tablet is generally prescribed to a patient for 3 to 6 months to make sure that his hair growth is sustainedeven after he quits the usage of this medicine. The results of using this medicine are great for hair loss treatment and therefore it has become the preferred choice of millions worldwide when it comes to hair loss problems.


Fincar 5mg contains a higher dose of Finasteride. Some people think that this high dose will improve their hair growth rapidly. However, it is not true. This medicine is primarily designed to cure an enlarged prostate gland in male patients. It may be useful for curing hair loss as well but only in some cases. It is important to get a prescription for this medicine from a doctor before using it for hair treatment of any kind.



There are various factors that should be considered before making any decision about hair loss treatment. Most importantly, the cause of hair loss and its extent at present are key factors to be noted before using any medication for hair loss. Therefore, you must get a prescription from a certified doctor to ensure that you are in safe hands when it comes to curing hair loss properly. Hair loss treatment is a comprehensive subject and onlyprofessional help can get you desired results. Please avoid experimenting with different drugs and tips to gain hair available on the internet as it may harm you. It is always better to take an informed decision for such serious issues.


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